Single mothers by choice?

Single mothers by choice?

Single mothers by choice?

Single mothers by choice?s

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Référence bibliographique [8001]

Davies, Linda et Rains, Prue. 1995. «Single mothers by choice? ». Families in Society, vol. 76, no 9, p. 543-540.

Fiche synthèse

1. Objectifs

Intentions :
This article explores the contexts in which older unmarried women desire to have a baby on their own.

2. Méthode

Échantillon/Matériau :
8 women were interviewed. The one- to two - hour interviews were taped, transcribed, and coded by theme.

Type de traitement des données :
Analyse de contenu

3. Résumé

« The authors conducted exploratory interviews with eight older single mothers. Results suggested that current media representation of ’single mothers by choice’ may oversimplify the experience of many women by ignoring the context of gender relations within which both women and men’s decision regarding contraception, pregnancy, and parenthood ’produce’ single motherhood. » (p. 543) « Regarding the issue of parental involvement, after these women decided to have the baby, the men faced a choice about their own involvement with the child. All of the women offered the fathers an opportunity to become involved and, for the most part, they refused. The men seemed to regard involvement with the child as a ’package deal’ whereas women desired a relationship with the father for the sake of their children, not for themselves. » (p. 550) « The blithe media presentation of ’single motherhood by choice’ as a newfound freedom for women may describe the situation of some women like those interviewed here. In fact, for these women, it might be more acurate to say that in choosing to go ahead with a pregnancy, these women became single mother by default. » (p. 550)