Today’s Women

Today’s Women

Today’s Women

Today’s Womens

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Référence bibliographique [7384]

Cohen, Yolande et Tahon, Marie-Blanche. 1997. «Today’s Women». Dans Quebec Society: Critical Issues , sous la dir. de Marcel Fournier, Rosenberg, Michael M. et White, Deena, p. 189-202. Scarborough, Ontario: Prentice Hall.

Fiche synthèse

1. Objectifs

Intentions :
Faire une brève enquête sur la situation des femmes au Québec en regardant la place qu’elles occupent maintenant sur la scène politique, sociale et médiatique ainsi que sur le plan familial.

2. Méthode

Type de traitement des données :
Réflexion critique

3. Résumé

« To assess the situation of women in Quebec today one needs to focus attention on the transformations that have occured in family life, the workplace and in politics. These three parameters indicate the course of this evolution over the past three decades and provide a basis for discussion that is supported by statistical data. They testify to transformations that may be perceived as positive if one considers that the path of women’s emancipation has brought about women’s release from familial confinement and inclusion in the male-dominated spheres of work and politics. But beyond this perspective of ’catching up’ or alignment (still relatively uneven) of the situation of women with respect to that of men, it is obvious that certain issues (still too difficult to define) continue to arise. A particular case in point is the family, which has long been dismissed as a sub-political issue. However, without wishing to give new life to the 1970s slogan that ’the personal is political’, one wonders today whether the family is not the barometer of social relations, given the transformations that it is undergoing. » (p. 189)