Feminist Therapy for Battered Women

Feminist Therapy for Battered Women

Feminist Therapy for Battered Women

Feminist Therapy for Battered Womens

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Référence bibliographique [7225]

Rinfret-Raynor, Maryse et Cantin, Solange. 1997. «Feminist Therapy for Battered Women». Dans Out of The Darkness: Contemporary Perspectives on Family Violence , sous la dir. de Glenda Kaufman Kantor et Jasinski, Jana L., p. 219-234. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications.

Fiche synthèse

1. Objectifs

Intentions :
«This chapter presents some of the results of [a] longitudinal study, assessing the relative effectiveness of approaches based on the Larouche model and the approach usually taken in social service agencies.» (p. 220)

Questions/Hypothèses :
L’échantillon de cette étude comprend 123 répondantes de la province de Québec.

2. Méthode

Instruments :
-Guide d’entretien semi-directif

Type de traitement des données :
Analyse statistique

3. Résumé

«In response of these shortcomings, Quebec social worker Ginette Larouche developed an alternative model for therapy based on feminist ideology. Two complementary research projects were undertaken: an action-research project to systematize the model and improve training, and a study to assess its effectiveness.» (p. 220) This study demonstrates «[...] the effectiveness of the approaches studied for working with battered women. Our findings are encouraging for them as well as for the practitioners who worked with them. Given adequate help, these women were able to draw on personal resources and those of their social network to eliminate or diminish the violence they experienced. They were able to rebuild their personal and social lives, as can be seen in their improved socioeconomic conditions, self-esteem, assertiveness, social adjustment, and general state of mental health.» (p. 231-232)