Children’s Exposure to Domestic Violence

Children’s Exposure to Domestic Violence

Children’s Exposure to Domestic Violence

Children’s Exposure to Domestic Violences

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Hayes, Jasmine, Trocmé, Nico et Jenney, Angélique. 2006. «Children’s Exposure to Domestic Violence». Dans Cruel but not Unusual: Violence in Canadian Families , sous la dir. de Ramona Alaggia et Vine, Cathy, p. 201-236. Waterloo (Ontario): Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

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« This chapter reviews what is known about the incidence and effects of children’s exposure to domestic violence, describes the policy landscape in which the current system operates, discusses the issues that emerge from the involvement of mandated child welfare services, examines treatment approaches, and, throughout, profiles what is observed in practice by treatment providers. » (p. 202)

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« In chapter 8, [the authors] draw our attention to [an] issue which has only recently begun to receive concerted attention : children’s exposure to domestic violence. Here the authors provide a detailed examination of the ways in [which] children are understood to be affected by exposure to domestic violence and the ways in which research and clinical practice can usefully inform one another. Importantly, the authors spotlight how policy shapes system response. In particular, they raise the issue of how child welfare intervention to protect children can work against mothers coping with the impact of domestic violence. If a woman believes she will be killed if she attempts to leave and take her children, should she be held responsible for what happens to them if they remain in the home? » (p. 9)