Mixed Families in a Transnational World

Mixed Families in a Transnational World

Mixed Families in a Transnational World

Mixed Families in a Transnational Worlds

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Le Gall, Josiane, Therrien, Catherine et Geoffrion, Karine. 2022. Mixed Families in a Transnational World. New York: Routledge.

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1. Objectifs

Intentions :
«Offering a transnational perspective on the processes of identity transmission and identity construction of mixed families in various parts of the world, this book provides an overview of how local, national, global contexts and inter-group relations structure the development of specific forms of belonging and identification.» (p. i)

2. Méthode

Échantillon/Matériau :
Données documentaires diverses

Type de traitement des données :
Réflexion critique
Analyse de contenu

3. Résumé

«Featuring nine rich ethnographic studies situated in geographic areas less covered by scholarship on mixed families, such as Québec, Morocco, Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Philippines, Thailand and Israel, the book’s contributions reveal how families’ everyday lives are shaped by historical and sociopolitical contexts, as well as by transnational dynamics and mobility trajectories. The studies illustrate the context-specific realities that shape social definitions of mixedness—whether religious, national, cultural, ethnic or racial—at local and transnational levels. The articulation of local and transnational perspectives on mixed families will be of interest to students and scholars of migration, transnationalism, families, ethnicity, race and racism in the social sciences (anthropology, sociology, history, social work, international relations and global studies). The book will also be of interest to policymakers, as well as activists and practitioners working in organizations offering services to mixed individuals, migrants, and their families.» (p. i)

Les textes suivants font l’objet d’une fiche dans Famili@:
- Le Gall, Josiane et Therrien, Catherine, «Identity Transmission in a (Trans)National Context: A Comparison Between Parents in Mixed Couples in Quebec and Morocco»
- Geoffrion, Karine, «Canadian Mothers, Transnational Bridges: Transmitting Embodied Connections to the Global South to ''Mixed'' Children in Canada»