Child and Youth Care in Quebec

Child and Youth Care in Quebec

Child and Youth Care in Quebec

Child and Youth Care in Quebec s

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Référence bibliographique [21996]

Mann-Feder, Varda R. 2019. «Child and Youth Care in Quebec ». Dans Child and Youth Care Across Sectors , sous la dir. de Kiaras Gharabaghi et Charles, Grant, p. 209-225. Toronto (Ontario): Canadian Scholars.

Fiche synthèse

1. Objectifs

Intentions :
Because the state of child and youth care (CYC) work in Quebec, including English and French models as a whole, has never been documented in a single publication, this «chapter represents a first attempt to do so, and as such is the first iteration, which by its very nature provides an overview and a degree of speculation by the author.» (p. 209-210)

2. Méthode

Échantillon/Matériau :
The analysis «is based on a review of scholarly literature, government documents, and in-house reports from agencies, professional associations, and educational institutions, many of which were accessed through the Internet. This research was supplemented by interviews with key informants, who were consulted to fill in gaps in information and validate the conclusions of the author.» (p. 210)

Type de traitement des données :
Réflexion critique

3. Résumé

The review reveals that «CYC practitioners, educators, and trainers in Quebec share the preoccupations of the field that are expressed worldwide. There is an awareness of the increased complexity of the social environment in which children, youth, and families may either flourish or flounder and there are consistent efforts in the educational programs, the agencies, and the professional associations to update practice knowledge given the ever-changing environment. Recent concerns include the impact of technology and social media […], the increased economic pressures and associated shifts in the job market, contemporary issues in the transition to adulthood, and the importance of learning and relearning how to work in a multicultural context […]. It is hoped that the CYC community can continue to come together across the linguistic divides that still exist in Quebec to share expertise; to continue to lobby for the benefit of children, youth, and families; and to advance recognition of the field as a whole.» (p. 222) According to the author, CYC «is a respected field in Quebec. It has a rich history and a long tradition of professionalization, along with a well-established tradition of intentional CYC practice guided by a range of theoretical models, including the psychoeducation model. All the approaches currently practised in the province stress relationships, positive adaptation, and an ecosystemic approach to children, youth, and families.» (p. 221)