Montréal’s Family Policy: Growing Up in Montreal

Montréal’s Family Policy: Growing Up in Montreal

Montréal’s Family Policy: Growing Up in Montreal

Montréal’s Family Policy: Growing Up in Montreals

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Référence bibliographique [1724]

Québec. Ville de Montréal. 2008. Montréal’s Family Policy: Growing Up in Montreal. Montréal: Gouvernement du Québec, Ville de Montréal, Service des communications et des relations avec les citoyens.

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1. Objectifs

Intentions :
« Montréal is an exceptional place to raise a family. By means of this Family Policy, the city administration hopes to publicize this fact and to enhance what our metropolis has to offer families. » (p. 3)

2. Méthode

Type de traitement des données :
Réflexion critique

3. Résumé

« With its Growing Up in Montréal policy and the related action plan, Montréal is actively pursuing four main goals, specifically, those of:
• making the family and young people the focal point of the initiatives taken by all players and municipal partners;
• strengthening and developing the quality of life enjoyed by families living in Montréal, by taking local characteristics into account;
• setting a “Montréal Family Target” to be met by 2012, with regard to retaining young people between the ages of 25 and 44;
• promoting intergenerational ties and support.
By implementing this policy, the city plans to act at four levels of the urban living space: my home, street, neighbourhood and city. Accordingly, the policy discusses the issues involved, the challenges to be met and the many assets Montréal offers at each of these four levels. The city has also adopted a new approach by making each of its decisions from a family vantage point, decisions regarding, for example, financial assistance to promote home ownership (my home); beautification and motor vehicle traffic (my street); neighbourhood services and green spaces (my neighbourhood); and transportation and the environment (my city). » (p. 2)