The Aging of Ethnic Groups in Quebec

The Aging of Ethnic Groups in Quebec

The Aging of Ethnic Groups in Quebec

The Aging of Ethnic Groups in Quebecs

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Référence bibliographique [12652]

Choinière, Robert et Robitaille, Norbert. 1990. «The Aging of Ethnic Groups in Quebec». Dans Ethnic Demography: Canadian Immigrant, Racial and Cultural Variations , sous la dir. de Shivalingappa S. Halli, Trovato, Frank et Driedger, Leo, p. 253-271. Ottawa: Carleton University Press.

Fiche synthèse

1. Objectifs

Intentions :
The authors «examin[e] the evolving aging patterns of the main ethnic groups in Quebec, and related demographic phenomena.» (p. 253)

Questions/Hypothèses :
«[W]hat about the different ethnic groups that make up the population of Quebec? Is the aging process the same for all of them? Is the declining fertility rate the main cause of aging?» (p. 253)

2. Méthode

Échantillon/Matériau :
Les auteurs utilisent plusieurs recensements réalisés par le gouvernement du Canada.

Type de traitement des données :
Analyse statistique

3. Résumé

«We have seen in this study that changes in demographic phenomena – the decrease in fertility, immigration and ethnic mobility – have resulted in the aging of various ethnic groups. These changes are in turn related to the social, economic and hygienic conditions of these groups. It would be interesting to examine the conditions that, through the intermediary of demographic phenomena, result in the aging of ethnic groups. We have noted that for Quebec as a whole the aging of the population and the decrease in fertility have occurred simultaneously with an improvement in social and economic conditions: higher incomes, an increase in life expectancy and more schooling […].» (p. 270)