Of Crime and Religion Polygamy in Canadian Law

Of Crime and Religion Polygamy in Canadian Law

Of Crime and Religion Polygamy in Canadian Law

Of Crime and Religion Polygamy in Canadian Laws

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Robert, Marie-Pierre, Koussens, David et Bernatchez, Stéphane. 2014. Of Crime and Religion Polygamy in Canadian Law. Sherbrooke (Québec): Les Éditions Revue de Droit de l’Université de Sherbrooke.

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1. Objectifs

Intentions :
«Polygamy was criminalized in Canada in 1890, when Mormon immigrants settled there to escape the persecution they suffered in the United States. Few criminal charges have been laid, despite the fact that a Fundamentalist Mormon community, located in Bountiful, British Columbia, has been openly practicing polygamy. This book proposes to draw up a list of the main legal issues raised in the reference on the constitutionality of the criminalization of polygamy rendered by the Supreme Court of British Columbia.» (quatrième de couverture)

2. Méthode

Échantillon/Matériau :
Données documentaires diverses

Type de traitement des données :
Réflexion critique

3. Résumé

In this book, «the authors also consider the questions it has raised around the social and political order, without answering them outright. Although the reference process put in place by the British Columbia government was supposed to clarify the law, the decision was the subject of much criticism due to the premises it was based on. Nevertheless, it stands as an important decision that has marked Canadian jurisprudence on the subject of religious rights, both by its symbolic effect, and by the political, ethical, and legal debates surrounding it.» (quatrième de couverture)
Note: Cet ouvrage collectif est le fruit d’une collaboration entre la Chaire de recherche sur les religions en modernité avancée et le Centre de recherché Société, Droit et Religions de l’Université de Sherbrooke.

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